Licence, Warning and Condition of use

ValueYourTime2020 is a personal script, for homing use and beta version.

Nobody could be responsable for every bug, problem, mistakes, no data, lost data......there is not assistance!

Please send to this website every bugs.

This software has got many BUGS and this licence inform you that main purpose of this licence and software is to obtain information on the performance of this AddOn, mistakes and bugs. LICENSEE IS ADVISED TO PROTECT IMPORTANT DATA, BE CAREFUL AND NOT RELY IN ANY WAY ON THE CORRECT OPERATION OR HIGH PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE AND / OR MATERIALS PROVIDED WITH IT.

The parties agree that the user license does not give the customer any rights to the source program, and that all the techniques, algorithms and procedures contained in the program and in the related documentation are confidential and proprietary information of the creator and cannot be used for purposes other than using the software itself.

It is expressly forbidden for the Customer to copy all or part of the licensed programs in any form.